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Compose makes it easy to find up-to-date arguments, legal standards, and precedent that are most relevant to you and your motion.
Business benefits

Reduced costs. Increased profits.

  • less time spent researching & writing
  • saved per brief
  • of attorneys said they would miss fewer arguments and/or cite better authorities

Compose means no more digging through templates, treatises, brief banks, and research databases.

Rest easy

Compose has you covered

A typical motion on Compose has up to 142x more citations than the average template, and 13x more than the average treatise. Compose helps you go straight to the ones that are most relevant to you.

Rest easy

Just for you

Tailored content

In just a few seconds, set up a drafting experience customized to you and your current case, with arguments and authorities tailored to your side and jurisdiction.

Just for you


Always up-to-date

Unlike an old brief you filed in a previous case, or a treatise published last year, the arguments and legal standards on Compose are regularly updated by a team of expert litigators.


Make it your own

Easy customization

Everything you add to a draft in Compose is customizable. Simply click to add an argument to a draft, then edit to your heart’s content.

Make it your own
best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

Expert insights.
Groundbreaking technology.
Streamlined workflow.

Compose pairs the insights of top litigators with the innovations of PhD data scientists, all in an easy-to-use platform that makes drafting thoughtful, custom briefs a simple, streamlined process.

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The team and technology you can trust

Compose is brought to you by Casetext’s team of expert attorneys and engineers: the inventors of CARA A.I., the premier A.I. legal research technology.


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