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Big law firms rely on Compose to increase efficiency and wow clients.

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Increase efficiency with faster and more accurate brief drafting


See how Compose increases firm efficiency

Compose’s expansive Argument List and groundbreaking Parallel Search enable attorneys to draft briefs more efficiently.

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Stop reinventing the wheel

Compose takes care of the rote, repetitive litigation work, ensuring your attorneys predictably and consistently produce briefs of the highest quality.

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Compose will mean more efficiency, faster delivery of legal work product and more accurate and consistent legal work product for our clients.”


Get your associates up to speed

In-depth argument outlines and helpful practice notes help associates quickly dive in to a new area of law.

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Almost feels like cheating.”


Spend time on important, strategic work

By eliminating the time attorneys typically have to spend searching for answers, Compose enables them to spend more time on what makes them great attorneys.

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Saving time researching, getting words on paper and getting the formatting down feels like a huge save.”


Wow clients with technology investments

Demonstrate your firm’s commitment to innovation by integrating the latest machine learning technology into your firm’s drafting process.

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We’re proud to be one of the world’s most technologically innovative litigation practices, and we’re excited to partner with Casetext to put the most innovative brief-writing technology into our litigators’ hands.”


Partners in your firm’s success

Your firm’s dedicated Compose client success representative will partner with your firm to make sure Compose is driving the results you want.

Tailored adoption plan


adoption plan

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Access to

detailed metrics

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Add value for your clients

Add value for

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