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Draft a winning brief 10x faster. Compose automates the tedious parts of drafting a brief so you can get back to being a lawyer.

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Top law firms rely on Compose

“Compose gets you 95% of what you need to file”

Cameron Ellis
Partner, Ellis & Thomas, PLLC

Eliminate the tedious parts of brief-writing

No more endless research, out-of-date treatises, and too-general templates and forms.

Compose replaces Westlaw, LexisNexis, Google, treatises, forms, and out-of-date templates
Compose toolset

Compose has everything you need to draft a high-quality brief in one simple tool.

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Brief library

Motion Library

Select from a library of automations tailored to your motion, jurisdiction, and the side you represent. Each automation includes the arguments, legal standards, and supporting authority you need to craft a winning brief.

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Arguments List

Arguments List

No more endless searching to find the right arguments. Compose’s Arguments List gives you an overview of all the arguments you can make in each brief.

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Legal standards

Legal Standards

Add the relevant legal standards and supporting authority as easily as picking items from a menu.

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Parallel Search

Parallel Search

Find on-point cases without the hassle of legal research. Parallel search uses a new kind of artificial intelligence-powered search that finds supporting authority by analyzing sentences right from your brief.

A new approach for bold, creative attorneys.

With Compose, motion drafting works at the speed of thought. Attorneys who use Compose feel organized, confident, and more creative. This is what being a lawyer was supposed to feel like.
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Motion to Compel Discovery

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Motion to Quash or Modify a Subpoena

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Motion to Dismiss: Failure to State a Claim (Rule 12(b)(6))

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Motion for Protective Order to Prohibit Deposition

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Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony

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Motion for Preliminary Injunction

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Coming soon: Over 50 new motion automations
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Better briefs, faster

Increase your workflow efficiency rate and maintain your firm’s competitive advantage

10X increase in speed to first draft

Ensure consistent quality across firm

Deliver measurable value to your clients


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Source: 2019 State of the Industry Survey. Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, 2019.

Corporate legal departments

Reduce outside counsel spend

Automate out the time spent performing rote tasks, and redirect focus to the things that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your litigation workflow.

Reduce your total litigation spend

Maintain consistent quality across lawyers and law firms

Avoid preemptive settlement by changing your cost structure


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Source: 2019 State of the Industry Survey. Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, 2019.

Frequently asked questions

What is a brief automation?

A Compose brief automation eliminates much of the typical work required to draft an effective motion brief. Each brief automation in Compose includes an expansive list of potential arguments, legal standards with supporting authority, and cutting-edge A.I.-powered search that finds on-point precedent faster than ever—everything you need to draft a winning motion all in one tool.

What is a single-use brief automation?

Purchasing a single-use brief automation allows you to draft one brief with Compose. For example, you could buy a single-use brief automation to draft the Motion to Quash Dr. Smith’s Testimony. To draft another brief with Compose, you’d purchase another single-use brief automation.

Do I need to download any software to use Compose?

No. Compose is web based—like Gmail—so you can access your motions anywhere. No downloads and no new software needed.

How do you build the brief automations in Compose?

Compose briefs are built through a mix of proprietary technology and legal expertise. Casetext’s extensive database of legal briefs and cutting-edge Parallel Search technology leverage the immense information in the common law to streamline assembly of the information you need to write your brief. Experienced attorneys edit the content and ensure that the expansive arguments list support a wide range of litigation strategies.

Is it secure?

Yes! Compose uses bank-level security measures to protect your data.

Does Compose come with customer support?

Yes! The Casetext support team is here to help you with Compose, and will respond to your email within one business day, usually less. Email support@casetext.com.

Where do you get your case law from?

Compose is part of Casetext - the leading legal research platform for law firms of all sizes. Casetext’s comprehensive database includes federal and 50-state case law, statutes, rules, regulations, and valuable secondary resources. See Casetext's database coverage.

Does Compose alert me to bad law?

Every case recommended in Compose is covered by Casetext’s industry-leading SmartCite citator. SmartCite alerts you when an opinion has been treated negatively, including when a case is overturned, overruled, overruled in part, distinguished, and more.

Click on any citation recommended by Compose to read the case and review the full list authorities citing to it.

How do I download my Compose briefs?

After you write your motion in Compose, click the "Download" button on the brief to download it in Microsoft Word format.